Kelewele (Spicy fried plantains)

I think the sun and rain have been fighting with one another nowadays. Technically, May is the beginning of the raining season but, aaa… but… It rains heavily at night and I am expecting a cool humid weather in the day. Then the sun says No! I am going to shine my brightest, emit more […]

In Spice We Devour

Some species from my Ghanaian pantry No! It is supposed to read, IN SPICE WE SNEEZE. From burning my lips as a result of rubbing my lips with my bare hands which I used to touch dried pepper to sneezing continuously for over 30 minutes, I would say, In spice we sneeze. I have a […]

Spicy corn dough porridge

Hot and spicy corn dough porridge for the strong at spice. Some mornings call for spicy porridge, like this spicy corn dough porridge. This was one of my favorite breakfast at boarding school with powdered milk.  I would not forgo this and struggle through accounting class, mercy! Print Spicy corn dough porridge Prep Time 5 […]

Kakro (weanimix edition)

  Call it better than grandmama’s kakro (well that’s according to my taste buds). I mostly make kakro using ordinary flour but I love it made with weanimix.  The weanimix I used consists of only roasted corn and groundnuts, no special ingredients and it is the star of today’s recipe. Plus the quantity used is […]