Hi, Salut!
I am Juliet and welcome to biscuits and ladles. 

I am here because my older sister thinks I spend too much time on the internet, my younger sister believes I cook good food, and my youngest sister no longer wants to listen to my not-so-cool awkward tales.

I have had some pretty interesting tales to tell when it comes to cooking. For instance my cakes were good when I was baking without scale or measuring cups and mixer. My mother brought home a mixer and a scale one christmas season. Guess what? The mixer and scale didn’t work as expected. I  would mostly end up with some disastrous hard cakes. The  cookies/ biscuits were however manageable.  I joke not. Looking back, I still can’t figure out the problem then.

But I am a survivor, and I now make edible moist chocolate cakes. I am learning, continue to learn and I enjoy reading food, cooking, culinary  related articles. I spend too much time at the spice aisle in the supermarket and I can’t settle on a favourite food.

This site is filled with Ghanaian recipes and  other recipes with ingredients in your kitchen or garden. Forget it, I do not have a garden. 

I promise you nothing but to make baking easier and and great flavours for the dinner table and hopefully make you laugh with my not-so-cool tales.

Cooking is cool, an adventure and I believe everyone has their own tales when it comes to it. Drop me a mail at yengyadze@gmail.com or leave a comment. I will love to hear yours.

Hope you like what you find here. Want to know about Ghanaian foods, I made a little encyclopedia here

Feast your eyes, enjoy and see you around. 

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