Cucumber tomato salad

This is an improved version of my mother’s dandelion, cucumber and tomato dressing free salad which I honestly struggle to eat. This salad is made up of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mint leaves and parsley. The mint leaves and parsley are the stars of this salad as it curbs the confusing savoury and sour taste of […]

Filipino chicken adobo

“Hence forth, we cooking chicken like this”. Those were my sister words when she had her bite of Filipino chicken adobo. In an attempt not to be bias, I sent some chicken off to friends to taste test. And the response was “Assey, chicken no, ma try!” Then you know it is good. This recipe […]

Pull apart garlic bread

Hey, How you doing? Our house is currently smelling so good, my niece and sister are fighting over who should have the last piece of bread. I have here the easiest, garlicky and yeasty pull apart bread. It has a salty taste as well. My sister says these are restaurant quality. It is incredible; easy, […]


AKA fried coconut dough I prefer to call it fried coconut dough. It is a bit crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside. I asked my sister to describe pollo and she said, fried biscuits!  Pollo, mentioned as POW-LOW. Meaning: I wish I could figure out why the name POWLOW. Origin: Fantes. I recently […]

Pineapple coleslaw

Last Christmas, my little sister suggested we add pineapple when making the regular no one seems interested coleslaw. I was honestly not interested but I went with it and…….. I was charmed by the first bite. It is the regular coleslaw with pineapple. Cabbage, carrots, added white onions and the ultimate pineapple. Once you have […]

Beef jollof

Hey! How you doing? I am in distress! Slow internet connection. It has taken over two hours to upload just one photo, just one! I would ignore that and just smile over this bowl in front of me. Jollof is my weakness. Make me jollof and I will fall in love with you, probably stick […]