Jollof got a make over with coconut milk, try this, thank me later!

Coconut jollof

Rich tasting jollof cooked with light coconut milk instead of water. It will be your new favourite jollof. Coconut does wonders! I had seen coconut jollof across the web but I had never thought of trying it till one faithful afternoon when I was clearing the freezer. There was a very old gravy probably three months old (it happens a…

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Ghanaian style fried coconut dough


AKA fried coconut dough I prefer to call it fried coconut dough. It is a bit crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside. I asked my sister to describe pollo and she said, fried biscuits! ย Pollo, mentioned as POW-LOW. Meaning: I wish I could figure out why the name POWLOW. Origin: Fantes. I recently learnt pollo is originally from…

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Mango coconut pancakes

Happiness isn’t always in one place. But my current place and state, mmm…. I do not want anything. Just these pancakes. Coconuts and mangoes, you are alluring. These pancakes are fuss free, easy on my budget and comforting to eat. Did I tell you, I got three huge mangoes at five cedis last week. It is unusual in Takoradi even…

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Chewy coconut candy AKA kube cake

I like to call it grated coconut clusters. Making kube cake is so simple. Yes, so simple; all you need is coconut, sugar and a little lemon juice to enable you get a soft caramel. Now after you have the above: 1. Crack a fleshy matured coconut, remove the brown bark, wash and grate coconut using preferably the small size…

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Coconut milk

Coconut milk, Natureโ€™s greatest milk! Ever since my sisters and I discovered coconut milk, there isnโ€™t a week that goes by in our house without making coconut milk. We use it smoothies, oats porridge, cocoa drinks and now we loving it in this coconut rice. My youngest sister drinks it on its own sweetening it with honey. In an overly…

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