Coconut milk

Coconut milk, Nature’s greatest milk! Ever since my sisters and I discovered coconut milk, there isn’t a week that goes by in our house without making coconut milk. We use it smoothies, oats porridge, cocoa drinks and now we loving it in this coconut rice. My youngest sister drinks it on its own sweetening it […]

Coconut rice

Because we got rid of plain boring rice! Last week, I found myself eating plain rice for four conservative days. I could literally not swallow the rice on the fourth day. As I was sitting in the kitchen, eating my plain boring rice and playing with the coconut fruit which had been deserted because my […]

Chewy Coconut biscuits

This is chewy coconut goodness. If you are coconut lover, I bet you will like these. I had been making coconut biscuits for some time normally using the fresh coconut fruit. It mostly turned out soft since the fruit had moisture in it. It was OK but sometimes you just want something chewy to nibble […]