Milk chocolate quick bread

I have today what will be considered as cake in my part of the world but quick bread in other areas. In our understanding, bread should have yeast and should have sponginess and possibly be elastic. Well I choose this because, this one is quick and easy to make. Let’s ignore the baking time and consider the process involved. No…

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These are chocolate covered oats biscuits, just because we cannot have enough chocolates!

Chocolate covered oats biscuits

Lets make oats biscuits today featuring chocolate. Just because anything covered in chocolate makes chocolate better. Yes, I am one of those people. I find chocolate incomplete without anything on. The chocolate coating is delicious, but it is oats biscuits we making. Are you obsessed with oats as I am? Anything with oats, I am in. Oats, brown sugar and…

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Bread, Snack

Chocolate marbled banana bread

My dearest banana bread, you stole my taste senses and now all I want is banana bread. Last weekend I made banana bread(s). There was too much overly-ripe, ready to be thrown out bananas the best place to dump it was in banana bread. I made two with mangoes  and another two with this one. For better results of banana…

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The easiest chocolate cake ever

This is the easiest, simplest, moist, delicious, no fuss, one bowl, crowd pleasing chocolate cake yet. When I first came across this recipe, my thoughts were what type of crazy cake is this? It does not go by the traditional cake baking method and ingredients (eggs, margarine etc) I am used to, but the reviews were great. I  decided to…

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