These are truely baked yam balls with a cornflakes crust. You would not miss the oil.
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Baked sausage yam balls

My middle sister Nancy is an avid yam balls fan. Among all the foods in the world, it is yam balls she would fight for. Nancy loves yam balls and obviously embraces the hot oil and all the mess associated with frying yam balls. She has done well and earned a masters in yam balls making. Now, she makes perfect…

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These are chocolate covered oats biscuits, just because we cannot have enough chocolates!

Chocolate covered oats biscuits

Lets make oats biscuits today featuring chocolate. Just because anything covered in chocolate makes chocolate better. Yes, I am one of those people. I find chocolate incomplete without anything on. The chocolate coating is delicious, but it is oats biscuits we making. Are you obsessed with oats as I am? Anything with oats, I am in. Oats, brown sugar and…

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Jollof got a make over with coconut milk, try this, thank me later!

Coconut jollof

Rich tasting jollof cooked with light coconut milk instead of water. It will be your new favourite jollof. Coconut does wonders! I had seen coconut jollof across the web but I had never thought of trying it till one faithful afternoon when I was clearing the freezer. There was a very old gravy probably three months old (it happens a…

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Favourite indian drink mango lassi is a refreshing drink made with mango and yogurtand sweetened to taste.

Simple mango lassi

Mango lassi is a yogurt based drink popular in India which is served as dessert. It is smooth and silky and I will say it falls between a milkshake and a smoothie. From my online foreign  food  exploits, lassi comes in lots of flavours; mint, spiced, salty, sweet etc. Common now is the mango lassi made with mangoes, yogurt, milk…

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The utimate grilled chicken using kyinkyinga or suya spice native to some West Africans
Baked, Grilled and Roasted

Khebab spice grilled chicken

Every bite of this chicken is a revelation on it’s own thanks to the yogurt in the marinade. The yogurt tenderizes the chicken and the meat absorbs the marinade to the bone. We love it spicy! Khebab spice is a spice blend here in Ghana which is normally used to grill meat on skewers. Some call it chinchiga pepper, mouko…

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Basic jollof gravy, very easy and convenient
Around my pantry, Stews and sauces

Basic jollof gravy

This is my basic jollof gravy recipe. It is easy, fuss free and produces a tasty base to jollof thanks to the turkey berries. I have been using this for years and have been giving this base to friends who ask  and they all like it. It contains 210g tomato puree, 2 onions, fresh tomatoes, turkey berries and bell pepper.…

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