One pot meals

Stir fried spaghetti and vegetables with eggs

Happy New Year! Yengyadze got a new cover and identity. It moved to biscuits and ladles and got lighted up (well under construction lighting up). I am working on getting a cool look for biscuits and ladles but it is taking time and I have got people asking ain’t I posting again? πŸ™ I am and I have a bulloin…

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Sides, Snack

Kakro (weanimix edition)

  Call it better than grandmama’s kakro (well that’s according to my taste buds). I mostly make kakro using ordinary flour but I love it made with weanimix. Β The weanimix I used consists of only roasted corn and groundnuts, no special ingredients and it is the star of today’s recipe. Plus the quantity used is just enough to bring the…

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Pawpaw Pineapple smoothie

When my three-year old niece took a sip of this, I was expecting her to say β€œno, I don’t like it!” But this is so good, she kept on sipping and grinning. This is what this smoothie does, it makes you smile. With the sun not being friendly towards us, all you have to do is take a cup of…

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Biscuits and Cookies

Chewy Coconut biscuits

This is chewy coconut goodness. If you are coconut lover, I bet you will like these. I had been making coconut biscuits for some time normally using the fresh coconut fruit. It mostly turned out soft since the fruit had moisture in it. It was OK but sometimes you just want something chewy to nibble on. In this recipe, I…

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Stews and sauces

Beans stew

Wow! Where did November run to? I was setting my mama’s calendar for her this morning and I made the date 14/11/2016 thinking that is today’s date. Some minutes later, she came in talking talking  “you did not set the date”. “Ah, I just did”. She said its 14th on here,I replied,but it is 14th today only for me to…

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Rock buns

Last year, I was on some rock buns madness. I was baking rock buns everyday pairing different ingredients. From condensed milk rock buns which was soft and not like the traditional familiar one, to egg-less rock buns which was a total disaster (huh! Baking without eggs, lets save it for another day), coconut rock buns which was pretty amazing, etc.…

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