With Ghanaian pancake, there is always a hint of nutmeg.
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Ghanaian pancake recipe

With Ghanaian pancake, there is always a hint of nutmeg. Writing this reminds me of that nestle advert in which a grandmother and granddaughter were competing over pancakes or something. What I loved about the advert was when the grandmother said twea nutmeg kakra gumu (put in a little nutmeg). These Ghanaian oldies and nutmeg. About seventeen years ago, my…

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Cucumber tomatoes avocado salad
Vegetables, salad and more vegetables

Cucumber tomatoes avocado salad

Cucumber tomatoes avocado salad: Cucumber and tomatoes just got better with the addition of avocado! I don’t know if I have gone over-board with eating avocados,Β  posting avocado recipes or just dreaming avocados. I dreamt about avocados last night πŸ™ But they are in season and I am sure you will want different ways of devouring it. Print Cucumber. tomatoes,…

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West Africa's one pot wonder rice dish. Herrings and beans jollof beats all jollof on the dinner table.
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Beans and herrings jollof

West Africa’s one pot wonder rice dish. Beans and herrings jollof beats all jollof on the dinner table.   Ignore the beef, the sausage, the plain, the chevron, the shrimp etc jollof, this is the real deal jollof. Yes beans and herrings jollof. β€œDon’t shake your head. No! Don’t try and start a debate trend. Go and ask grandmother.” Print…

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One pot meals, Rice and pasta

Spicy gizzard and rice (one pot)

One pot spicy gizzard and rice: this meal is filled with lots of flavour.  I am so excited to share this recipe with you today. It is fool-proof, takes less work and before you realize you have a nice exotic yumminess on your plate. This is what you have being needing this week. Take a break from the roadside kenkey,…

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Orange pancakes

Sunshine orange pancakes:Β  Hey sunshine! It’s been a tiring and frantic day. The extreme heat has not been favourable on your mood. You feel like screaming at the trotro driver who is refusing to move and keeps blowing his horn to passengers who are no where in site. You finally get to your destination, you tell the mate you alight…

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Ghana, Stews and sauces

Spicy gizzard sauce

Spicy gizzard sauce A long time ago in school, gizzard was the best way in getting lots of meat in your stew when you are on a tight budget. My roommates and I preferred gizzard especially over mutton/ chevon because we always ended with bones after cooking instead of meat. Gizzard in my opinion is a cheap way to the…

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