Stews and sauces

Creamy bambara beans sauce

How was your Easter? Lots of meditating, get together and eating I hope. Welcome to bambara beans tuesday. ( I just came up with that). Bambara beans take time, my sisters dread cooking it, it is my favourite beans, to cook (well, that is getting a huge heavy bottom pan, filling it with water to the brime, add the beans…

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Baked, Grilled and Roasted

Garlic ginger baked chicken

Garlic ginger chicken dinner πŸ™‚ Hey, how doing? Today I present to you one of my many favourites chicken recipes; garlic ginger chicken just in time for your Easter menu. Side note: How was your Palm Sunday? Mine was pretty good. There was hossana march at church, with lots of itchiness from the palm branches and the Sun. My mother…

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Avocado tuna salad

Easy easy avocado tuna salad. Our neighbour has a huge avocado tree which has been providing me with shade when I am waiting for a trotro . Well the tree has not only been providing me with shade as you guessing, it has been producing nice and tasty avocados. Let just say thank you to my generous neighbour for growing…

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Biscuits and Cookies

Groundnuts biscuits

I love baking biscuits a lot, probably a reason this site is called biscuits and ladles. When it comes to biscuits, I like it simple, soft-ly, chew-y, crunch-y, chocolate-ly, nut-ly, goey-y etc and these groundnut biscuits are soft, chewy and nutty. These are a groundnuts lover’s dream. It has groundnut paste which is mild and additional roasted groundnuts which heightens…

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One pot meals, Sides

Coconut oil rice and beans

I love rice infused dishes. It is like eating a billion grain of infused flavours. Jollof is a classical example of billion grains of infused flavours, this gizzard rice is also a great example. I absolutely have no idea what I am saying but I am hoping I am making sense. This rice and beans is infused with coconut oil…

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Honey banana bread

Last week, my banana addict father brought home a bunch of bananas and his baking enthusiast daughter gleefully hid part of the bananas for banana bread, and these banana bars I patiently waited for the bananas to over ripe, turn a bit sugary. A necessity to a tasty banana bread. Immediately, it was ripe to perfection, I gathered all the…

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