Around my pantry

In Spice We Devour

Some species from my Ghanaian pantry

No! It is supposed to read, IN SPICE WE SNEEZE.

From burning my lips as a result of rubbing my lips with my bare hands which I used to touch dried pepper to sneezing continuously for over 30 minutes, I would say, In spice we sneeze.
I have a list of some species from my pantry, with pictures.

Grains of selim AKA Hwentsia

grains of selimPungent taste with a slightly bitter taste

Grains of paradise AKA Wisa

Slightly hot with a little sweetness and has an earthly aroma

Cloves AKA Pregoama

clovesTastes hot and has a warm and sweet aroma

African calabash nutmeg AKA Ehuru

african calabash nutmegStrong earthly aroma

Black peppercorns AKA esuro wisa
Anise AKA NKetseketse


Oh! I about sneezing from writing this post.

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