Filipino chicken adobo

“Hence forth, we cooking chicken like this”. Those were my sister words when she had her bite of Filipino chicken adobo. In an attempt not to be bias, I sent some chicken off to friends to taste test. And the response was “Assey, chicken no, ma try!” Then you know it is good. This recipe […]

Tuna cabbage stew

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What did you make or bake? I made lots of banana bread which I will be sharing with you soon. Meanwhile let’s talk smoked tuna and cabbage today. This is a simple stew made with smoked tuna and cabbage. We start of by sauteing onions, garlic and tomatoes. Then […]

Creamy bambara beans sauce

How was your Easter? Lots of meditating, get together and eating I hope. Welcome to bambara beans tuesday. ( I just came up with that). Bambara beans take time, my sisters dread cooking it, it is my favourite beans, to cook (well, that is getting a huge heavy bottom pan, filling it with water to […]

Beef stew

Nothing beats a classic beef stew over rice. The luscious tomato gravy over tenderly well seasoned fried beef. I love beef or I just love food. This takes a while to prepare but it is worth the wait. The best foods take time according to ……. Print Beef stew Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time […]

Gizzard sauce

A long time ago in school, gizzard was the best way in getting lots of meat in your stew when you are on a tight budget. My roommates and I preferred gizzard especially over mutton/ chevon  because we always ended with bones after cooking instead of meat. This gizzard sauce is a cheap way to […]