AKA fried coconut dough I prefer to call it fried coconut dough. It is a bit crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside. I asked my sister to describe pollo and she said, fried biscuits!  Pollo, mentioned as POW-LOW. Meaning: I wish I could figure out why the name POWLOW. Origin: Fantes. I recently […]

Savoury plantain cake

Hey! How was your mother’s day weekend? This savoury plantain cake is a little adaptation of my father’s favourite snack epitse. Epitse is basically mashed ripe plantains that is mixed with spices and palm oil and baked in leaves. It is normally eaten with roasted groundnuts/peanuts. For this plantain cake, I omitted some spices, used […]

Kelewele (Spicy fried plantains)

I think the sun and rain have been fighting with one another nowadays. Technically, May is the beginning of the raining season but, aaa… but… It rains heavily at night and I am expecting a cool humid weather in the day. Then the sun says No! I am going to shine my brightest, emit more […]

Chocolate marbled banana bread

My dearest banana bread, you stole my taste senses and now all I want is banana bread. Last weekend I made banana bread(s). There was too much overly-ripe, ready to be thrown out bananas the best place to dump it was in banana bread. I made two with mangoes  and another two with this one. […]

Sesame avocado on toast

Sesame+ Avocado+Pepper flakes+ Bread= Explosion in your mouth This is damn delicious, it is so good, I had to stop eating to post it. Who ever thought sesame+avocado+pepper will be so good. I cannot say more. I am off to finish this. Print Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins   Servings: 1 Ingredients […]