Jollof with goat meat (mutton)
Africa, Ghana, One pot meals, Rice and pasta

Jollof with goat meat

This jollof with goat meat (mutton) is filled with so much flavour and goodness. You might eat the whole bowl. I think the most heinous thing to do is to take pictures of food when hungry. I wonder if those outstanding instagram food pictures from those fine dining places are done on an empty stomach.  This jollof with goat meat…

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One pot meals, Rice and pasta

Spicy gizzard and rice (one pot)

One pot spicy gizzard and rice: this meal is filled with lots of flavour.  I am so excited to share this recipe with you today. It is fool-proof, takes less work and before you realize you have a nice exotic yumminess on your plate. This is what you have being needing this week. Take a break from the roadside kenkey,…

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Rice and pasta, Vegetarian

Coconut rice

Coconut rice: Because we got rid of plain boring rice! Last week, I found myself eating plain rice for four conservative days. I could literally not swallow the rice on the fourth day. As I was sitting in the kitchen, eating my plain boring rice and playing with the coconut fruit which had been deserted because my sisters aren’t around…

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