These are truely baked yam balls with a cornflakes crust. You would not miss the oil.
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Baked yam balls

These baked yam balls with sausages are very yummy with a crunchy corn flakes coating. Yes, it’s really baked and delicious! My middle sister Nancy is an avid yam balls fan. Among all the foods in the world, it is yam balls she would fight for. Nancy loves yam balls and obviously embraces the hot oil and all the mess…

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Jollof with beef
Africa, Beef, Ghana, One pot meals

Beef jollof

Beef jollof: Ghana’s  one pot rice dish with beef. This beef jollof  is made using this  jollof stew with succulent tender fried beef. Beef tends to tough and I mostly boil it rather than steam it to make them tender before frying it. I have other jollof variations on the site like tuna jollof with carrots and green beans, herrings and beans jollof, coconut…

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Savoury plantain cake

Savoury plantain cake: this is a spiced cake using over ripe plantains. This savoury plantain cake is a little adaptation of my father’s favourite snack epitse. Epitse is basically mashed ripe plantains that is mixed with spices and palm oil and baked in leaves. It is normally eaten with roasted groundnuts/peanuts. For this plantain cake, I omitted some spices, used coconut oil and I…

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