Mango coconut pancakes

Happiness isn’t always in one place. But my current place and state, mmm…. I do not want anything. Just these pancakes. Coconuts and mangoes, you are alluring. These pancakes are fuss free, easy on my budget and comforting to eat. Did I tell you, I got three huge mangoes at five cedis last week. It […]

Sesame avocado on toast

Sesame+ Avocado+Pepper flakes+ Bread= Explosion in your mouth This is damn delicious, it is so good, I had to stop eating to post it. Who ever thought sesame+avocado+pepper will be so good. I cannot say more. I am off to finish this. Print Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins   Servings: 1 Ingredients […]

Orange pancakes

Magical sunshine pancakes 🙂 Hey sunshine! It’s been a tiring and frantic day. The extreme heat has not been favourable on your mood. You feel like screaming at the trotro driver who is refusing to move and keeps blowing his horn to passengers who are no where in site. You finally get to your destination, […]

Spicy corn dough porridge

Hot and spicy corn dough porridge for the strong at spice. Some mornings call for spicy porridge, like this spicy corn dough porridge. This was one of my favorite breakfast at boarding school with powdered milk.  I would not forgo this and struggle through accounting class, mercy! Print Spicy corn dough porridge Prep Time 5 […]

Avocado tuna sandwich

Simply the easiest filling breakfast. I love avocados, everyone loves avocados. And it is avocado season and I will posting a lot of avocado recipes. Because who doesn’t love avocados? Except my second sister, everybody loves avocados. Let’s enjoy our avocado before it becomes extremely expensive. (Huh! Takoradi market women!) This is probably the most […]