Basic jollof stew or gravy, very easy and convenient
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Basic jollof gravy

This is my basic jollof gravy recipe. It is easy, fuss free and produces a tasty base to jollof thanks to the turkey berries. I have been using this for years and have been giving this base to friends who ask  and they all like it. It contains 210g tomato puree, 2 onions, fresh tomatoes, turkey berries and bell pepper.…

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Around my pantry

In Spice We Devour

Some species from my Ghanaian pantry No! It is supposed to read, IN SPICE WE SNEEZE. From burning my lips as a result of rubbing my lips with my bare hands which I used to touch dried pepper to sneezing continuously for over 30 minutes, I would say, In spice we sneeze. I have a list of some species from…

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